Jun 18 2014
Posted 3 months ago

Rallyhood and LIVESTRONG June Symposium : Patient-Centered Cancer Care

It was an honor to be a part of the LIVESTRONG’s Symposium last week. I’m so proud of LIVESTRONG for leading the conversation and challenging the Healthcare Community to find new innovations around patient-centeredness.  

Rallyhood is excited to be partnering with LIVESTRONG to empower social support for patients, caregivers and families. Check out the video above for a quick recap of the June 2014 Symposium: Patient-Centered Cancer Care.

— Patti Rogers

Founder and CEO, Rallyhood

Jun 18 2014
Posted 3 months ago

It’s so fun for us over here at Rallyhood to be able to roll out something we’ve been tinkering on for a long time. We spent the last 6 weeks working on this massive overhaul to bring you a much easier-to-use, simplified, better looking Signups feature. 


Attach files or images to your items to make them easier to understand, more specific, or more enticing to volunteers! 


Use comments to enhance a list made by someone else in your group, or to ensure everyone brings something different to the event. 


See who has signed up from a list level for at-a-glance planning.


While the functionality remains the same, we think you’ll appreciate all the changes that make creating lists and signing up easy and more intuitive.

Jun 18 2014

It’s been a busy month here at Rallyhood and we are excited to share our progress with you today. For all you jet-setters, we’ve made a bundle of tweaks to our iPhone app to make staying productive on-the-go even easier. These updates include: 

Rally Friends:
  • See the date your Rally friends joined your Rally 
  • View a list of Rallies in which friends participate on their profile pages (depending on their privacy settings) 

  • View photos and files fullscreen on iPad 
  • Display additional file info in wide screen, such as file size
  • Post photos to Facebook and Twitter from Public Rallies 
  • Attach photos to a message
  • View photos attached to messages and comments 
  • Add and delete photos for existing messages 
  • Upload photos with improved speed 
  • Delete photos from albums 

Additional iOS 3.6 features: 
  • Delete messages and comments
  • Leave a Rally

Have a wonderful Wednesday and keep the super-helpful feedback coming to support@rallyhood.com so we can make your mobile experience even better! 

Apr 28 2014
Posted 4 months ago

Hi friends,

Every day is a good day. But today, I have a special reason to celebrate. Five years ago, April 28 2009, was my last day of chemo for breast cancer. And I’ve been told, one’s official survivorship birthday is marked by the last day of chemo. So woooohooooo!! I am now officially a 5-year survivor!  (insert embarrassing white girl with overbite doing the running man dance)

This survivor birthday is interesting timing, because next week I am honored to speak at Genetech’s REV Forum 2014 Conference in Washington, D.C. about Empowered Patients. I firmly believe the source of my own empowerment was the people who showed up for me. While the medicine was all critical to kill the cancer, it was kindness and community that kept me alive and gave me the courage to rally through that journey. 

I wanted to share a journal entry from 5 years ago, in celebration of the people who were there for me in big and small ways, and in celebration of all anyone who has ever reached out to support their own survivor. Your role is bigger than you think. We don’t do anything alone, and we definitely can’t do cancer alone. 

Do Good Today!

Patti Rogers


The Bell Lap

It was my last round of chemo. Growing up a long-distance swimmer, they would have called it the bell lap—the last two lengths of a mile, marked by some official in white. This clanging commotion was to alert the swimmers that it was time to turn on the heat and finish strong. But I always felt that perhaps the bell was even more for the spectators who might have fallen asleep somewhere during this race, which is a ridiculously long 66 laps and requires a lap counter—a very low-tech, plastic flip chart that is stuck in the water to help swimmers keep track of where they are in the race. The numbers turn orange on the bell lap, and any well-chosen counter zealously swings the plastic sign, like pendulum, to try to ignite a final rally.

The night before my last treatment, I was trying to keep up with my mom duties the best I could. I was squeezing in the post office and a run to the pharmacy for my precious anti-nausea meds ($1000 a pop, mind you, thank goodness for good health insurance) before zipping back to pick up Ethan from his summer-league swim practice.

My cell-phone rang and I was delighted to hear my friend and old swim coach, Kris Kubik on the line. “Where are you?” he asked. I explained my task list and my estimated time of arrival to Westwood Country Club. He said, in an overly excited Kris voice, “Great! I’ll meet you there.” He hung up with no explanation, as if this would be a normal meeting, when it was actually quite unusual. But then again, Kris has never fit the mold, and certainly nothing about this cancer ride has either.

As I pulled into Westwood, I literally did a double take at the sight of Kris standing out of context in the middle of the parking lot, somehow avoiding the country club traffic of dark SUVs, waves of little people in blue and gold lycra swim suits, and at least a dozen old men in displeasingly high-cut, white tennis shorts. It would have been heart-warming enough to see him standing there with a smile, as Kris lives on my list of five people who have most influenced my life. But instead, in an over-the-top Kris kind of way, he was comfortably out of place—dramatically ringing a sizeable gold bell over his head, and swinging a lap counter, marked with orange, with his other hand. All of this spelling out the significance of my chemo bell lap and reminding me it was time to rally.

I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry. So I did both.

I found my way to a parking place and Kris handed me the bell, “It’s the one your Dad used to ring.” My dad had selflessly volunteered as an official at several hundred swim meets, literally all over the world. He had indeed rung the bell for many swimmers crazy enough to enter the long-distance events. He had even rung it for me. The tears flowed.

As I took hold of the bell, my heart stuck in my throat. I was flooded with the knowing that it was not just Kris and my dad who were cheering for me to finish strong. In my heart and mind I could see all of the people who had shown up for me in ways I could have never predicted. I could see my family and all the people who prayed for me and cared for me and fed me during these last few months. I could see myself as the swimmer of my youth, working hard to finish the race, delighted by the many who had lined up poolside, to wave me on. I smiled, as I could see each of them with their own cheering style. Some very serious as they pointed to the wall, some of them jumping and clapping their hands above their head, some of them breaking out into a notable if not embarrassing dance, some cupping their mouth to maximize a “wooohooo,” some throwing one arm in a repetitive windmill motion that accompanies a gritty, “oh yeahhhhhhhh,” others mumbling a slow prayer “please, please, please.” With all of these loving people at my side, I knew I could not fail. 

As I sat down in the fat, vinyl recliner on the last day, I prayed for strength and guidance.

I knew I was not alone and I knew I could win.

And I did. I made it through the final day of needles and IVs that I tried to simultaneously ignore and forget. I focused instead on the ever presence of my loving and heroic husband, my mother, and the constant stream of sisters and friends who came to shower me with love. I knew the days ahead would be filled with exhaustion and other unglamorous side-affects, but still, I felt so lucky. When the nurse pulled out the last IV, the confetti flew and the champagne flowed. I walked out of that room, eager to ring the victory bell reserved for patients leaving chemo behind. I rang it hard and loud.

That night, we gathered on my mom’s westward facing deck to ring a third and final bell as the sun set on this chapter of our lives. I held my husband and my kids close as the bell sung out, “I AM WELL!!” The victory was more than a sense of completion or freedom from all the physical misery. It was a triumph for my soul. What could have destroyed my family, soured my faith, sabotaged my smile, or hijacked my sense of humor—did not. I am well!

A week later, I stood in my friends front yard in central Austin, the Mary Tyler Moore theme song was ringing through my head, “You’re gonna make it after all…. ba da da dahhh.” Re-enacting the intro sequence of the 1970s sitcom, I took off my wig and threw it straight up in the air, watching it twist and turn against the blue-blue sky.

Cancer did not bury me, it planted me.

From here I will grow.

Mar 18 2014
Posted 6 months ago

At Rallyhood, saving you time by making communication easier is a top priority.  We know that managing group communication can be a difficult undertaking which is complicated even more when you’re managing multiple groups within the same Community.  With Community Admin in mind, we’ve improved messaging by introducing Community News.  Community Admin can access Community News in the navigation bar at the top of your Community-Hub homepage.  


In this tab, you can create new announcements, attach files, and share them with the Rallies in your Community-Hub.  Community News also serves as an archive in case you need to edit a message at a later date, including which Rallies receive it. 

How to post an announcement in Community News:

1. From your Dashboard, click Community-Hubs in the left hand menu

2. Choose the Community-Hub where you would like to push down an Announcement

3. From the Community-Hub homepage, click “Community News” in the navigation bar

4. Click “New Community News” in the left hand menu

5. Enter your title and add a message. You can also attach files if needed.

6. To share your announcement with your Community, you can select to post it by Category or by selecting individual Rally-Sites.

7. If your message is urgent and you would like to notify the members of your Community immediately via email, be sure to check the box for “Notify Immediately.”

8. Click “Post” to share your message with your Community. 


If you need to make edits to your original message, click “Read More” at the bottom of the message.  This will activate edit mode and you can edit, delete, or change where the message was posted.

Questions or comments? We’d love to hear from you! Email us at support@rallyhood.com.

Feb 21 2014
Posted 7 months ago

We just released a mini-update to our iPhone app that we think you’ll love. Among the tweaks we made, you’ll notice that your user profile has a brand new look. We rounded out the profile pics, centered your info, and gave it a sleeker “more iOS 7” look. There has never been a better time to upload or update that user pic! 

Those of you that are part of a Community-Hub may have noticed your Community logo now shows up on your Rally-Sites. Soon, you’ll be able to tap on the logo to access your hub. 


Finally, hyperlinks in Messages and Rally Friends connect with just a tap instead of a laborious copy and paste — this means that if someone includes a link in a message, you can tap on it in the app and it will open in a browser on your phone. It also means that in Rally Friends, if someone has opted to share their profile information in the Rally, you’ll be able to see that Rally Friend’s email address, tap on it, and it will open an email with their info pre-populated. 

We hope you enjoy the updates, stay tuned for more soon! 

Dec 10 2013

Hello Rallyhood 3.1! We have updated our app with fresh new features and an iOS7 makeover.


Check out the highly anticipated Files feature- now you can view documents on-the-go. You can also edit your Rally-Site name and description and change your settings from private to public, whatever suits you best.


Traveling overseas? Not a problem! Change the timezone on your mobile profile screen to reflect whatever city you’re in, and set your daylight saving preference too. Finally, forget capping your repeat events, because with this release comes the choice to elect “Repeat Forever.”


Lastly, our updated app features a sidebar option to send an email to support, saving you time if you’re having issues. 

Visit the app store to upgrade or install the app for free. After you’ve had time to enjoy the new features, please show your love by rating the app. If we’re not meeting your expectations, drop us a note to let us know at support@rallyhood.com. 

Enjoy the app and rally on! 

Aug 08 2013

We’ve completely updated the look and feel of our iPhone app to make accessing information from your Rally-Sites and in-the-moment updates even easier. Now you can view Rally calendars, create events, sign up for items, and upload multiple photos at once! Yippee!

The new look includes swipe-to-reveal main navigation and an updated Rally view:


In addition to your consolidated My Calendar, you can also see each Rally’s calendar. Plus you can add events to any calendar right from your iPhone.


To help you be even more productive, Signups are now accessible from your iPhone, and you can upload multiple photos at once to your rally galleries. 


It’s free to download or upgrade through the App Store. Get it today to stay connected to your groups on-the-go!

Jul 08 2013
Posted 1 year ago
for press inquiries, please contact: molly.purdin@rallyhood.com
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May 21 2013
Posted 1 year ago

Introducing Guest List Messaging!

We all know that people are sometimes a little slow to “join”, which makes things challenging for leaders who need to communicate and coordinate a group.

So now, anyone you’ve invited to your group will get your messages and updates* about what’s going on, even if they are slow to sign up or opt in. Your job is easier as a leader, and their role as a member is easier too. 

And of course all users will always have options to manage their preferences for being “in” or “out.”

Life is good, but it’s also really busy. Our goal is to make it easy for people to come together and get things done. 

Here’s an example of what pending members will see at the bottom of their e-mails:


So go ahead - post to your heart’s content, knowing that your whole group will get the message!

Rally on!

*That means Daily Digests and anything marked as Notify Immediately.